How friendly is it to go barefoot in England ?

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Barefoot at Food Market

I go barefoot every week to my supermarket.

Sometimes people complain, but the store doesn’t care that I am barefoot. So I use barefoot sandals to make people think I am wearing something, but my totally bare soles love the cool smooth and dirty floor and they come out dark grey !

It is fun to shop barefoot because the floors feel so nice on bare skin, and it is a specially good sensation.

Before the first barefoot lesson

Understand why you wish to go barefoot !

Are you looking for a sensory experience ?

Are you looking for a healthier style of living ?

Are you out to “break Society’s balls”: I’m barefoot, dude, and screw you !

Going barefoot is just different enough so that, like Walt Whitman, it “contains multitudes.”

You are going to have to adjust many things—mental and physical—to accommodate barefoot walking.

Think about it!

How to go barefoot ?

  1. Remove your shoes
  2. Remove your socks
  3. Enjoy life and look where you go
  4. Keep’em bare and free !

Good reasons for going barefoot

This is :

  • fun
  • healthy
  • free
  • easy
  • universal

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