Mind and Spirit

Mind and spirit are your better allies for going barefoot.

Barefooting is a good way to improve your environment consciousness. In return, it will also help you to believe in yourself. A high level of self-confidence and courage is needed to accept being shoeless in a “shod world”.

Fear of people?

Actually, there are not as many people as you think that will be bothered about your bare feet. Most people don’t care. 
Most of the shops are barefooters-friendly in my city. If not, just ignore them and go shopping to their competitors.
If some people ask questions or make remarks, first try to ignore them. If they insist, answer politely with something stupid or funny ! Something like, ” it is weird to think you are protecting your feet locking them into expensive shoes” or “sorry, my shoes didn’t want to come with me and preferred to watch TV at home”. 
Therefore, before starting barefooting, it is better to think of the questions some people may ask you but do not turn it into an obsession.
To sum up: Do what you want, go barefoot, it’s cool, Fuck off what other says!

Fear of the ground?

The ground is not your enemy ! 
Don’t worry: barefooting is a natural way to improve your confidence in Mother Earth. The more you practice the more natural it will become.

The first attempt 
Choose a place you know well (at least if you think it would be nice to barefoot there) 
Choose the right time (preferably the end of the day, when the ground is not too warm and when there are fewer people) and a nice season if possible (spring is perfect, summer is ok but beware of the temperature).

Stop thinking negatively !

The right way is just to try and see by yourself. Actually, this natural and basic activity should not require such a site to be promoted. But it is necessary because of society’s point of view.
In France, society’s understanding of barefooting is limited. The common point of view is the following: you always have to wear shoes on, except for a very specific reason. I think the way of thinking should be the opposite !! Believe it or not the world is not covered of dangerous wastes, enemies for your feet. I’m sorry to tell you that a home carpet is not as enjoyable as some outdoor grounds ! 
The more you walk barefoot (including at home), the more your feet toughen. I’m not talking only about the skin, but also about your muscles and good habits that you will discover by yourself.

Does civilisation want to deprive us of natural contact with nature ?

Certainly not, or its role is turned round! On the contrary, it should help us to respect nature and to extend our physical skills. Unfortunately, this is not the case, mainly when you consider some people’s attitude. May this not prevent you from being proud of being barefoot. After all, those who never try do not know what they miss out on.

Designed for people who love being barefoot

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