Health of feet

If you suffer from diabete, barefooting may be a dangerous activity !

Bad shoes can cause corns, ingrown toenails and fungal infection (mycosis). Mycoses love to spread onto feet trapped inside of socks. Hot & moist environments allow them to spread with ease.

In contrast, walking barefoot avoids getting blisters (for trained feet on ground not too hot) and mycosis.

Verruca (plantar warts) are of viral origin and like water a lot. Many people who wear shoes all the time contract them…but i’ve never been infected.
Note that walking barefoot avoids more health problems than it creates. 
Don’t forget, it is not your shoes that enable you to walk but your feet ! 🙂

Feet support the body weight, and allow one to stand up and to move. Therefore, they require a minimum of care and attention.

“I have had problems with the achilles tendon in my left foot since two years. The cause was: too much and too intense training (running), combined with my age. I was 39 at the time. At 40 years, the “danger zone”starts, when it comes to achilles tendons. 😉
I did have a lot of therapy since. Fysiotherapy (=kinésitherapie), pain killers, ice. I tried “rest”. I tried all excercises there are (including 
the “swedish” strech excercise). But everytime my achilles tendonitis came back.
Then I discovered ‘barefooting’. Since I had nothing to lose, and it cost nothing 😉 I went walking with bare feet, for 2 hours a day. Since that time, my achilles has become much better. I think because of a) the stretch b) teh fact that all foot muscles become stronger, c) a better flow of blood in the feet (my feet are always warm!). Three days ago I ran (barefeet of course) again, I did too much, and my 
achilles started to hurt again. In other years, this would mean at least 3 weeks of pain. Now my feet is alright again, in 3 days !
In short, walking a lot on bare feet helped my achilles a lot. it is not a magical solution. My achilles will always be a weak point, and I will have to keep doing excercises. But my feet are stronger, and my achilles hurts less, and shorter.
Of course you must build up slowly. First only walk. Paths with stones will become possible after a few weeks. If you start running on bare feet, make sure you always land on the ball of your foot, never on the heel. And be prepared for remarks and questions. But if you LIKE to be an individual, who cares?”

Pieter Hogendoorn, Holland

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