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Sheila’s blog from Peru

Sheila Peru
Sheila Peru

My walk thru India


It is customary to remove one’s shoes when entering the home.  If you are hired help, you leave your shoes by the outside mat.  If you are a guest, you can bring them inside.  Many Rickshaw drivers drive bare feet.  Small shoe stores – expect you to leave your shoes outside. Therefore, you should not go out barefooted.  When you enter the temple, you should take off your sandals, with a few exceptions.  Some people just did not respect this rule.  It’s monsoon season so it’s muddy and the carpet leading to the alter was so dirty, I would not allow Bob or Lia to bare their feet to go up to the temple.  I have been sick twice already.

People wear sandals here.  No one wear socks, except if you’re in the gym or going to work or school – which is then part of your uniform.

When I visited the doctor, shoes were allowed inside.
Today, Michael and I visited the dentist.  We bared our feet and teeth.

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Pirates also used to be barefoot !

20130802-182318.jpgDuring vacation, I went barefoot in the French Carribean (islands of Guadeloupe). My first impression of being a pirate is very positive but I’m missing a parrot 😉

Barefoot living is so much fun !

I highly recommend the barefoot lifestyle in Guadeloupe and Martinique.

Anyone with a barefoot experience to share in the Carribean (not at the beach, please) ?

Rain forest

Enjoying the rain forest. 31 degrees, 90% Humidity.