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Barefoot lifestyle story

A great story of a german barefoot woman. It sounds like a lot of barefooters will recognize their own experience.

Ahh… To Feel Young Again!

As I’ve come into my early 40′s, I’ve been dealing with chronic knee and lumbar back pain for several years. I’ve tried just about everything from prescription medications to several series of “nerve blocks” where doctors inject anti-inflammatory steroids into troublesome areas. None of this has worked.

After several years of research into my conditions, I discovered information that the shoes I’ve been wearing could actually contribute to my problems!

Curiosity got the best of me; and within a few days, I was going barefoot! My feet have become stronger. My dropped arch is slowly starting to regain it’s natural arc. My knees and spine have gotten to a point where I can function without focusing on the pain. I just feel refreshed and younger than I’ve ever felt before!

What’s interesting to note is that I began barefooting only a month ago. But I was totally unprepared for what would eventually happen: addiction! In less than a month, I have grown to despise any kind of footwear! Unfortunately, I have a job that requires me to wear hard, clunky boots all day. But I drive to work barefoot every morning and my boots and socks come off before I start my drive home.

Although I still struggle a bit with a fear of rejection. I’m quickly discovering that society really doesn’t care (or notice) that I’m walking about in my bare feet. Just this weekend, an employee approached me in a grocery store and asked if I needed assistance finding anything. Standing barefoot in the middle of the aisle, I simply flashed him a sincere smile and a gentle “thanks, but I’m good.” Every day I’m realizing that going barefoot truly is natural! It’s the way we enter into this world and it’s the way I now choose to experience it!