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What is a barefooter ?

Going barefoot (also barefooted) means for a person not to use, or to go without, any type of foot covering. It is traditional to go barefoot in many developing countries, but less common in industrialized countries for various reasons including societal taboos, health risks, inclement climate, fashions, and peer pressure against going barefoot. A barefooter is someone who prefers to go barefoot occasionally, often, or at all times. Calling oneself a barefooter implies that being barefoot is a voluntary choice (as opposed to, for example, not being able to afford shoes), or whenever use of footwear is decided to be unnecessary. Reasons for choosing to go barefoot include the sensation of one’s feet in direct contact with the ground, and to confirm many perceived spiritual or natural health benefits one may experience.


Enjoy Spring !


Spring is the perfect season to start your barefooting lifestyle !

Mild temperature are far better than hot summer ones. Start by a little walk everyday rather than many hours from times to times. Kick off your shoes after work  and feel the freedom of being barefoot !

Once your feet will be in condition they will be ready for summer which is a difficult season for walking barefoot.


Coming out for barefooting in public

A great post about “Why Heidi Fiscus  Started Going Barefoot in Public”

No doubt a lot of us will find an echo to her thought.

Going Barefoot in Winter

Of COURSE you can. It ISN’T ridiculous. So the ground is cold! So what? You go barefoot when the ground is hot or very hot, so why not try barefooting when the ground is cold. If there is ice or the ground is slippery, OK, you don’t have to fall down just to have a new experience. But if you enjoy extreme heat on your summer soles, why not try the other extreme? Besides, it should or could be for only a short time. We go barefoot for pleasure, not self-destruction. Try walking on your favorite surface (pavement, grass) when it’s 30, 20, or 10 F. It actually feels good!  just bundle up nice and warm—a good jacket, gloves maybe. But let your bare soles enjoy a new type or range of sensations. Remember, barefoot is FUN!

Going Barefoot for Pleasure

This is why most people barefoot most of the time (yes, it is excellent exercise—moving those leg and calf and foot muscles entirely naturally; yes, it is socially freeing and totally ordinary): because the soles of the feet are so sensitive, that one wants to discover all the possible varieties of ordinary day in/day out sensation: how does it feel to step barefoot on (fill in the blank). It is a totally human thing to do (to discover) and to enjoy (to respond). Everybody knows how the bottoms of feet feel, but only a few—barefooters—actually get out and experience what everybody else is afraid to. Society teaches us that feeling good is a sin, that exposing one’s body to pleasant physical sensation is inherently wrong, that it is sexually driven and therefore sinful—nonsense. We go barefoot because we enjoy the sensations. If not us, who? If not now, when?