Practice Going Barefoot

Walking barefoot is a physical activity, much like hiking or any extended outdoor activity. You can’t just do it. You have to practice it to understand how it works and to allow the body to adjust to the new demands being made.
Yes, one can simply remove one’s shoes and socks and feel the warm or cool or dry or wet or muddy ground beneath one’s newly bared soles. But to go barefoot means to go, and that means wwalking, walking , walking, but barefooted, not shod.
First, simply because one is walking without shoes means the muscles are going to work differently. Everyone in shoes tends to strike with the heel, then letting the rest of the foot fall forward. Barefoot, the body wants to send out the front part of the foot, almost like a spy, to make sure “its all OK out there.” That’s what barefooters call the fox step—forefoot first. That’s a different dynamic, and it requires the leg muscles to re-adapt to walking. That’s why so many new barefooters feels stress in their thighs and lower legs. Different muscles (which should have been the muscles all along, from day 1) are suddenly being asked to perform the way they were always meant to. No wonder they hurt. It is literally going into a prolonged exercise program without much preparation.
The best way to prepare for going barefoot…is to go barefoot. Little by little. If not every day, every other day. No, you shouldn’t walk 5 miles barefoot because it feels so good. Go around the block. Walk on the grass. By all means, walk on different surfaces because each has its own texture and temperature. But a little bit each time. It’s more important that your body adjust than you feel some pleasure walking on some smooth surface. By barefooting a bit each time, you will be able to do more and more and more later one. Going barefoot is a real and lasting pleasure, but to do it for lasting enjoyment, you must do it gradually. Your muscles and your sole skin will appreciate your approach. Too much too soon results in aching legs and bruised skin.
There are other lessons to be learned as well. But this is a good first one.

3 thoughts on “Practice Going Barefoot”

  1. I fully agree, going barefoot is the way we were designed to be.
    There are two drawbacks however, 1) It is very addictive and 2) you will have a MAJOR problem to try to walk in conventional s$*£s after nearly 40 years of barefooting as i do

    Anyways great post and great site, keep up the good work


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