Going Barefoot is Natural

Going barefoot for total pleasure, whether you love the feel of hot pavement or cool supermarket floors or mud, is plain natural.

It means you are open to feeling and experience and sensation. There is nothing wrong with any of that. To go barefoot on a warm day is to want to feel warm sensations on your bare soles, whether it is pavement or grass or dirt.

Everything has a different texture and temperature and surface effect. The feet were created to feel so you know what is pleasant or what may be sharp or dangerous. Going barefoot is going for pleasure. It’s a sheer sexy pleasure to feel the world with your bare soles. Go ahead : get them hot, get them cold, get them filthy ! Walk in/on/into different things just to feel them and to see you soles get dirty. Nothing will hurt you, even if you get a slight cut, it will heal, and the chance of that happening is extremely rare.

Your soles will feel many different sensation: some sharp, some smooth, some hot, some cool. But they will feel because you are permitting them to do what God designed them to do. And who are we to argue with God? Go barefoot…go barefoot…you know you want to.

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