Going Barefoot in Winter

Of COURSE you can. It ISN’T ridiculous. So the ground is cold! So what? You go barefoot when the ground is hot or very hot, so why not try barefooting when the ground is cold. If there is ice or the ground is slippery, OK, you don’t have to fall down just to have a new experience. But if you enjoy extreme heat on your summer soles, why not try the other extreme? Besides, it should or could be for only a short time. We go barefoot for pleasure, not self-destruction. Try walking on your favorite surface (pavement, grass) when it’s 30, 20, or 10 F. It actually feels good! ┬ájust bundle up nice and warm—a good jacket, gloves maybe. But let your bare soles enjoy a new type or range of sensations. Remember, barefoot is FUN!

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