Going Barefoot for Pleasure

You know you want to take your shoes off and feel the dewy grass. Step barefoot in that puddle. Feel the mud between each separate toe. Try walking baresoled over that hot asphalt to see how hot it is. Try going barefoot in (wow) the snow or just talking a walk on a cool morning, hot afternoon, rainy night, barefoot.

You know how wonderful everything will feel. All those nerve endings in your bared soles to feel..feel…feel….the pebbles in the pavement, the cool water, the warm cement, the stinging asphalt, the blissfully cool shade.

Going barefoot is a world of sensations and discoveries and, at the very end, if you’re very good, you have filthy dirty bare soles ! and you can wash them clean (if you so choose) and go barefoot all over again ! More pleasure !

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