Going Barefoot Will Improve Your Life

Going barefoot on a warm or hot or cool day is such a pleasure. You become totally aware of everything around and under you for the first time.

Bare soles sharpen all the senses. You feel where you are going, you pay attention to the world around you, you feel incredible because the stimulation of your bare soles gives you such a feeling of life’s vitality that youwant to keep going barefoot to feel everything you can !

And it is healthy. You are using your leg muscles as they were naturally intended. Walking barefoot is in fact walking correctly.

Your legs and feet assume their natural unconfined posture! You now realize why the bottoms of your feet are so sensitive: because they evolved taht way to help you move in the environment. Walking in shoes is walking incorrectly. It is walking ignorance ! Walking barefoot is walking in the world. Walking with shoes on is walking on the world. It is totally awesome to be in the world and part of it!

Going barefoot awkens and sharpens all your sense. It is literally re-discovering the environment because you become aware of every kind of man-made and natural difference in texture, material, temperature, and sensation. To go barefoot is suddenly be alive as nature intended.

Go barefoot ! Walking barefoot is glorious and true !

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