Go Barefoot in the Rain

Maybe it sounds silly, but walking barefoot when it is raining or after it stops is one of the real pleasures of going barefoot. If you are afraid you will burn your feet on hot pavement or get hurt on rough streets, rain waiter makes everything feel soft amnd cool and easy. Things like stones or acorns that are hard for new bare feet are soft and easy to step on when covered with rain water. It is like having aprivate swimming pool for your own bare feet. People like to think it is dangerous or silly to walk barefoot in the rain, only because they do not know themselves. It is a completely different feeling and it is actually much easier and much more pleasant for a new barefooter to experience barefoot pleasure. Everything that felt hard is now soft. Everything that felt too hot is now cool like in the shade. I think that is why females most enjoy going barefoot in the rain because it is an easy and cool way to experience barefoot pleasure.

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