Experience: I don’t wear shoes

Bea Marshall: ‘I’ve stepped in glass and dog dirt. The glass was painful but it didn’t do any real damage. With dog mess I just wipe my feet on grass and then wash them at a tap’

Source: Experience: I don’t wear shoes

One thought on “Experience: I don’t wear shoes”

  1. Great story, great girl! Keep ’em bare, Bea!
    What struck me as rather disconcerting, though, was the “social worker who started asking questions”. So, when a mother goes about barefooted with her children also shoeless, it’s the business of the authorities to interfere? I don’t think so, and I’m not sure whether Bea’s statement that she accepts this nanny state attitude (sadly typical for the UK) was not simply prudence in order not to draw the authorities’ attention on her any further. (Some “social worker” might even get the idea to take her children away.)

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