Going Barefoot for Pleasure

This is why most people barefoot most of the time (yes, it is excellent exercise—moving those leg and calf and foot muscles entirely naturally; yes, it is socially freeing and totally ordinary): because the soles of the feet are so sensitive, that one wants to discover all the possible varieties of ordinary day in/day out sensation: how does it feel to step barefoot on (fill in the blank). It is a totally human thing to do (to discover) and to enjoy (to respond). Everybody knows how the bottoms of feet feel, but only a few—barefooters—actually get out and experience what everybody else is afraid to. Society teaches us that feeling good is a sin, that exposing one’s body to pleasant physical sensation is inherently wrong, that it is sexually driven and therefore sinful—nonsense. We go barefoot because we enjoy the sensations. If not us, who? If not now, when?

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